Jul 17, 2012

Best recipe for Nestum 'cereal' prawns

Growing up, Nestum cereal was somewhat of a staple food for me. You can put them in a hot drink, but my favourite method of eating them is baby food style - like a thick, porridge with a good dose of sugar. It reminds me of those rice cereal baby food mixes - sweet, smooth and soft and totally comforting. A blogger pointed out that they are actually not cereal, but in fact, flavoured wheat flour bits!

Nestum prawns

A friend gave me some curry leaves from her garden, so when I spied Nestum in an Asian shop, it was time for some Nestum prawns. (I've tried making the prawns with oats but it doesn't taste right at all). For some reason, recipes for Nestum prawns have warped into butter prawns. The former, are cereal coated prawns, while the latter are prawns coated with tendrils of egg-yolk floss cooked in butter. (which are to-die-for, almost literally, considering you tend to favour eating the buttery floss over the prawns and will probably end-up with a month's worth of cholesterol in one meal)

This is a pretty good version, although I omit the milk powder and add more sugar to caramelise the cereal better. Some versions do a half butter prawns version, with a eggs and milk sauce before adding cereal. I found some versions that add in a salted egg yolk!

But I like to keep it simple. Fry curry leaves and cili padi (a combo made in heaven!) in butter, add in cereal and a good dose of sugar, and add in cooked flour-coated prawns, and toss till beautiful.

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