Jun 1, 2012

The (other) best graduation speech ever written

Alright, I know I've said that before, but I've found a speech that ties with that one. This one is especially for artists, but it applies in many other ways as well.

I didn't know he was a journalist. I was a journalist, and I remember one of the things I told the people I worked with: "You are being paid to write, to ask questions, to learn, to find out things, and tell other people. Isn't this the best job in the world?"

I'l list three reasons why I love this speech.

I love the way he describes the early trials of creation as messages in a bottle on a dessert island. Most of the time when we start anything - as a rookie on the job, an entrepreneur, etc - we do it without a real idea of what the end result will be. I started my job as a journalist, just trying to write articles and write them as clean as possible, on time and accurately. What surprised me (yes, I have the imposter syndrome he describes) is that people noticed and I ended up on quite an interesting ride.  

I love how he says, "I hope you make mistakes,...make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes." We cannot succeed without trying, and we cannot try without failing.

I love how he reminds us to not forget to enjoy what you do enjoy doing. It sounds easy but is actually hard. You start out loving it, and then a million other worries come in to play, and then you really need to make more money/ be more successful, and you forget, that you actually love it, and that you'd do it for free.  

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