Jun 25, 2012

3 alien Aussie words

I find it quite funny that guidebooks and 'introduction to Australia' type books have a whole chapter on Aussie English.

Malaysians are very adaptable, having studied British English in school, but having watched loads of American tv productions  - petrol or gas? windshield or windscreen? We don't get stumped with these things as much as the American would.

So how are we with the infamous Aussie language?

Some Aussie words - such as veggies and brekkie - are no brainers.

So far three words/phrases I've come across have stumped me. They are :

1) Sand shoes
2) Dob on you
3) Arvo

How about you try to make a guess?

The answers are :

1) sneakers/ joggers/ sport shoes (the word sand make me thing of what shoes I'd wear to the beach!)
2) tell on you
3) afternoon

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