May 21, 2012

Two miracles

Yesterday was full of ups and downs, but with happy, miraculous, endings. My first story :

It hasn't rained in a while, in fact, it has set the longest streak for dry days in Sydney all year. Just our luck, the day we decided to go around the city, it rains. What's more, it didn't rain where we live, just in the city.

We planned to head to Sydney Fish Market for lunch, and from there go to Bondi Beach. Both were places we had never visited. When we got near the city, it started drizzling. Hopeful that the rain would keep light, we headed to the Fish Market for lunch.

But when we finished with lunch, the rain was heavier than before! We debated not going to Bondi - but when we got to the CBD, it wasn't raining  so we decided to chance it. I prayed that it wouldn't be raining in Bondi Beach. We took the train to Bondi Junction, and it was raining in Bondi Junction!

But lo and behold, not at the beach. So we take in the views and the boys frolic around a bit. At around 5pm, just as the sun is setting, I look up and see this :

I let out an cry and scramble for my camera. I've seen rainbows out of my car window, as a streak in a faraway place. But I've never seen such a huge, perfectly curved, rainbow. It arched over me like a giant gateway. It linked one end of Bondi to the other. Number One wanted to head over to the rocks to find that pot of gold, and frankly, I had the same temptation.

And if it hadn't been raining, there wouldn't be a rainbow to see. I thanked God for the rain.

The second story is more impossible than the first.

For the trip, we took the boy's scooters. It gets handy when we do a lot of walking because they get tired. When we alighted the bus at Bondi Beach, we discovered we had left Number Two's scooter behind at the Bondi Junction train station. The scooter was Number Two's 4th birthday present, which Hubs bought at the cost of $180. Ouch.

Having finally got to Bondi Beach, after two trains, one ferry ride and two bus rides, Hubs got right back on the bus and headed back to the Bondi Junction station. I prayed the scooter would be found, but my practical side was doubtful. It would have been left unattended for more than half an hour.

The boys and I hung out at the beach, and this is when I saw the rainbow. As despondent as I was at the loss of the scooter, the rainbow cheered me up and I decided to decide that it was a great day.

Hubs called me from the station and said that the scooter was nowhere to be seen. He asked security if they have seen it, and security didn't have it but combed through their security cameras. They spied two girls running off with the scooter in the direction of the mall across the road, nearly an hour ago.

So Hubs called me and said, "I can't comb the whole mall looking for them to see if they are still there, but the rail security said that they would keep an eye out to see if the girls head back into the station later."

"Yeah, right," I said. "If I had stolen something, I would not head back to where I stole it from!" Hubs agrees, and we kiss the scooter goodbye. He takes the bus back to Bondi Beach.

When he got to Bondi Beach, he received a call from the security. The girls had ditched the scooter somewhere, and some other kids then picked up the scooter and headed into the station! They were nabbed by the security as they entered.

"Take your time at the beach, just pick up the scooter on your way back, we are here 24 hours," says security.

We got the scooter back. Amazing.

City Rail, I love you.


  1. Hi Su-Yin :) Great photos! I like your blog very much!
    It is great to read about another woman's experience in a foreign country. It makes me feel less alone! Hope we can meet sometime!
    Tish (Scott Peter's NZ/friend of Johannes)

  2. Hi Tish,
    Thanks! NZ definately on our to-do list. I am demanding a proper holiday and not one inserted in between meetings :)