May 23, 2012

Of ferries and...

Manly ferry

When we went out to the city on Sunday, we took the ferry from Milson Point to Pyrmont. Number Two asks what is ferry is.

"Ferries are like boats," says Hubs.

"Ferries can fly!" says Number One.

My eyes widen and an image of a ferry transforming and taking off into the sky whizzed through my head (too much Avengers The Movie!)

I shake off the mental image and object..."No, they can't!".

"Yes, they can!" he insists. "They have wings." I stare at him with a perplexed look...

He adds, "And fairy dust." Ahhh, fairies. Right.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Hubs erupt into a little grin. It's his brand of humour, one that Number One has absorbed well.

Speaking of fairies, Number Two also had an episode with a fairy. He broke a friend's little clay model which was seated at the side of a table.

Everyone looks at him, the culprit.

"I was just walking by...and it fell off!" he says, with large round eyes, and an expression of mock surprise.

"Yeah right," says Hubs, his tone heavy with sarcasm. "So it magically got off the table and fell off."

"It IS a fairy," says Number Two, with straight face and a glint in his eye. He erupts into a cheeky grin as we all cough with laughter.

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