May 22, 2012

Lost and found

After losing and finding Number Two's scooter, I mused to Hubs that we seem to have a bad track record when it comes to misplacing stuff. Is it that we are more complacent here, or that we get out more often? Maybe a mix of both.

We had a breath-holding moment two weeks ago. We were at Fagan park, parked on the road and when we returned four hours later, realised that we had left one window completely down. Thankfully, nothing was taken, although we did have a GPS in the car. (On an unrelated note, we've seen a car with its engine running and its driver not remotely close by)

Here's our lost and found count over the last one and a half years :

1) Number Two's Ben 10 bag, left at a bank
2) An expensive watch, left by the apartment pool (snifffff)
3) Goggles, left at a bench in a public pool and swiped.

Found1) Keys, dropped in my apartment area
2) A water bottle at Luna Park, left near the entrance
3) Number Two's scooter, left at a train station
(countless shoes and jackets at school)

1 comment:

  1. Lost:
    Countless water bottles, tupperwares, & ice blocks; several sweaters.