May 24, 2012

Lisgar Gardens, a garden in the bush

Lisgar Gardens Hornsby

We ventured out one Sunday to Lisgar Gardens, a beautiful spot tucked away at the back of Hornsby. I just love Hornsby, it is civilisation at the edge of nature. A big mall sits within walking distance of the bush.

Since it has a garden, it has flowers.

There are more than 72 varieties of camellias here.
Lisgar Gardens Hornsby camellias

Lisgar Gardens Hornsby camellias

One of my favourite flowers, the hydrangeas...
Lisgar Gardens Hornsby hydrangeas

Check out this tree root - it is growing into the rock. Am always awed by the unassuming power of nature.
Lisgar Gardens Hornsby

The well-maintained gardens border the bush. There are also plenty of curious plants you can observe while doing a short trek into the lower gardens.

But the 'border' is non-existent, really, as prim and proper gives way to organised chaos. This lends a nice illusion of a garden in the bush.

gardens in the bush

I pointed out these trees to Hubs. At its base, it was one tree, but the branch split up into two. "Siamese twin trees," remarked Hubs.

siamese twin trees

Overall, a good place for a lovely afternoon, (several spots for you to sit down and have tea or a picnic) and small kids can experience a mini-bushwalk of sorts.

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