May 13, 2012

A happy mother's day

I love the mother's day celebration at school and church. They bring a lump to my throat. The school organises a beautiful liturgy and goes to a great amount of trouble to have a Mother's day stall - this is where the kids can buy presents for their moms, all priced from $2 to $5. I helped out last year, and I saw kids excited about buying things for their mom, and bursting at the seams almost immediately after the purchase because they couldn't wait to give their moms the pressies. The stall is held on Thursday, and the three days to Sunday is among the longest days of their lives.
Number One had ants in his pants, and was just dying to celebrate Mother's Day. Every day running up to today, he'd say, "I hope you have a good day on Sunday!" He made a checklist for Sunday, which included B.I.B - breakfast in bed. He made me a card, which called me an "Assome" mom. He kept trying to make the day special and perfect, which was incredibly sweet of him. There was a cake and preserves stall at church, and he said, sort of in his father's vein, "Let's go look" and despite my protests, insisted I tell him which one I wanted, and that he'd get it for me.

He bought three presents for me from the Mother's day stall with his own money. I opened them this morning - one present he bought me was a $2 iPhone case that doesn't quite fit and doesn't have the right holes in the right places. I dutifully put it on anyway.

He took my Otter case and said, "Now we can get rid of this old thing!", to which I yelped, "No!!! Err, best to just keep it."

"Why?" he asked. "Because your papa gave it to me," I said, thinking on my feet.

At the end of the day, he realised the shortcomings of the case and apologised: "I'm sorry, the case doesn't fit well." It was a dent in his planned perfect day...

But he was smiling again when I replied, "It's the best thing ever."

And honestly, I meant it - in a way only a mother could say it and mean it.

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