May 31, 2012

Best recipe for mee hoon kueh

Mee hoon kueh is not everybody's cup of tea. It is clear, and simple and rustic. I was introduced to it by Hubs, a Klang boy, and love it. When we went back to Malaysia, one of our must-haves was mee huen kueh in Berkeley, Klang.

Below is the pix from Fatty Restaurant. Go early (before noon) and wait half an hour for your bowl. Go any later, (like this blogger) and wait for over one hour. The dish is prepared bowl by bowl, thus the long wait.

mee hoon kueh Berkeley

So I go searching for recipes and as usual, find a wide variety. What I am looking for is the Berkeley version, which does not have shrimps, fried minced pork meat marinated in soy sauce, pork balls, etc. It has slices of pork, some liver, the noodle dough, anchovy stock, a poached egg, vege and is topped with fried ikan bilis and shallot oil.

The best recipe I find is here

The result? Loved it. Hearty, aromatic soup with slippery, soft torn dough. Perfect for a winter day lunch. It wasn't as good as Klang's mee hoon kueh, what do they say about beggars and choosers again?

mee huen kueh

For stock : anchovies (washed), garlic, ginger, tong choy;
For dough : flour, egg, water, salt, garlic oil

Assemble with noodles, soup, fried anchovies, garlic shallots oil, baby spinach leaves, steamed rehydrated Chinese mushrooms and poached egg. And of course, cili padi in soya sauce as the condiment

Note :
1) I used less flour per egg - the ratio of 300 gm instead of 500.
2) I put a dash of garlic oil into the dough as per here .
3) Instead of using it as a garnish, I boiled it in the stock for about 10 minutes then I discarded it
4) I was too lazy to steam the mushrooms separately and chucked them into the soup. Not a good idea - they taint the taste of the delicate soup! Luckily, I fished them out before too much harm was done.
5) After tearing the dough for two bowls, I developed respect for those workers pulling at the dough all day long. It's hard work!

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