May 2, 2012

Aussie humour

One feature of Aussie-type humour is self-deprecating humour - the ability to poke fun at oneself.  The put down doesn't just stop at oneself however! A friend once recounted this exchange to me :

She went to hospital for a checkup, and just as she walked in to the room, the MRI technician said in all seriousness : "Oh, I know what's the problem. You don't need to go for any more tests. You have duck's disease. Your bum's too close to the floor." (she's my height, i.e. short)

My jaw dropped as she was recounting this to me. "Do you know him?" I asked. Nope, she said.

But she, well-versed with Aussie humour, replied. with a straight face: "Oh, that's allright then. I won't die from that - I've lived with it all my life!"

When he knew she 'got it', he gave a little grin of his own.

Number One has developed a little Aussie humour too.

Number Two is a very messy eater, and we often lecture him about it. One night, I said for the umpteenth time : "Stop playing with your food."

"Stop dropping rice on the floor," Hubs said.

"...and stop picking your nose," Number One said.

We all turn and stare at Number One with a puzzled look on our faces...

"Oh...err, that would be me," he says with a sheepish look and impeccable timing.

At which we all burst out laughing.

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