Apr 30, 2012

Malaysian food - the rest of the report

Part 2 of the food log

This is more or less my food log of 2.5 weeks worth. Actually, it's less because I didn't photograph everything (my beautiful roti canai was gobbled up before a photo even came to mind; we definately ate bakuteh but I can't for the life of me, find the pix).


1) Please take my labelling as a very rough guide - I'm not a food expert (only at eating) and can't tell where every dish came from and what manner it is styled in. I can just see some Ipoh fellows or some Hokkien folk ready to pounce on me for not attributing properly!

2) See "Singaporean" food? Singapore is very, very close to Chinese Malaysian in terms of food and culture (Singapore was part of Malaysia for a brief period 5 decades ago and many Singaporeans are Malaysians who migrated. Many hawkers also migrated south due to the lure of the stronger currency). Food becomes recognisable as Singaporean thanks to savvy A&P.

3) Having said that, it's not all Malaysian food either. Indonesian, Hong Kong and Thai food are staples in Malaysia. I didn't bother to eat any 'Western' food.

4) Dim Sum is known as Yum Cha here in Australia.

5) The photos were simply taken in a point and shoot manner - I took too many to bother!

For those who can't view the embedded slideshow, click here for the link to the Flickr album.

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