Apr 26, 2012

Is humour in the genes?

Number One has picked up Hub's (and his side of the family's) strange sense of humour.

Like, if you say, "Call me," to Hubs, he will reply : "What do you want me to call you?"

Number One has taken to saying in one breath : "Call me - and don't say what do you want me to call you - ..." This applies to every one of the verbal traps and puns Hubs pounces on so much so that he can barely get any fun out of Number One anymore.

In fact, Hubs gets one of his own back sometimes.

A few weeks ago, Hubs was eating corn. He said, "These corn kernels are rather hard."
"What about the soldiers?" Number One asks in all seriousness.

My s-l-o-w mind didn't get it but Hubs and Number One immediately grin.

"Kernels," Hubs repeats.


*roll eyes*

On this trip back to Malaysia, I ate okra with yong tao foo.
The next day, while having breakfast, Number One said I couldn't use my fingers to eat anymore.
I frowned at him...

"You ate ladies fingers yesterday (okra is also known as 'ladies fingers') so you don't have fingers anymore," he said, to which I roll my eyes, and he and his dad high five each other. (yes, it gets rather silly as you may be catching on)

And yesterday, Number Two was eating roasted potatoes, with skin roasted so well they were paper thin crunchy. Number Two, who loves crunchy stuff, strangely said, "I don't want the skin."

Number One quickly responds with : "Where is my brother and what have you done with him?" Hubs breaks out into a grin because that was exactly what he was about to say.

This is what I live with on a daily basis and I now have double doses.

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