Apr 7, 2012

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

A friend gave Number Two a compliment the other day. She, a mother of Number One's classmate, said that Number Two saw her at church, and gave her a big smile and wave. "I realised that he always has a smile for me when I see him. Does he ever get cranky?"

"Not often," I said.

"The world would be a better place if everyone was like that, wouldn't it?" she said.

At dinner a few days later, Number Two said, "Do you know, people said I am cute!"

He went for a school barbie, and met a lot of kids and their parents. Hubs, who went with him said "Yeah, he was surrounded by Year 5 or 6 girls, and they were saying he is so cute and ruffling his hair."

Yeah!, Number One adds. "Everyone says he is cute. Even my friends say, "ohhh, your brother is soooo cute!" said Number One, with a mixture of pride, disdain and annoyance.

I think it's because he loves people and people respond to love.

Number Two loves almost everyone. I had a conversation with him the other day, and remarked how many 'little friends' he has now that he is at school. "Yes," he said, "I've got a lot of big friends too." There are the adults whom he sees because they pick up his classmates or those moms he remembers from playgroup. They are all his friends.

Honestly however, it doesn't take much to be called his friend at all. Yesterday, we were at a gas station. We waited in the car while hubs went to pay for gas. Number Two was bored, and looked out his window. Then I saw him wave at a boy around his age, who was in the car across from us, also looking out the window.

"Do you know that boy?" asked both Number One and I.

"Yes, I do!" said Number Two with much sincerity. "He's my friend!"

Ordinarily, you could take that at face value. But Number One and I are too familiar with him.

"Riggggght," said Number One, while I rolled my eyes and thought 'yup, that boy is a total stranger.'

Number Two looks for the iPad and yells out the car to his dad, who has paid the bill and is approaching: "Where is the iPad?"

His new friend (the window is up in his car so he can't speak out) responds by reaching down and picking up his iPad and waves it at the window and smiling.

I thought it was a nice moment shared between two kids who didn't know each other but connected silently across 2 metres with just a wave and a smile - and yes, the world would likely be a better place if we were all like that.

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