Mar 26, 2012

The quintessiansial Aussie bloke

After over a year in Sydney, today I met my first true blue stereotypical Aussie bloke.

I remember when hubby met his first 'Aussie', a few months into his arrival. He came back saying he spoke to a colleague with a thick accent - "He used the word "arvo!" he exclaimed. "I had to look it up!"

What's an original Aussie? I'm speaking in stereotypical manner here, so let's hold political correctness for a bit. The accent is a defining characteristic. Aussies have a very distinct accent and a drawl, but in many cases, it's tame. Migrants or those whose parents are migrants have the accent, but it is diluted. City living tends to dilute accents too.

This Aussie's accent was so thick I had strain to understand him. He is sports mad and could eat, live and breathe sports. And boy does he have a sardonic sense of humour. Aussie humour is in your face, sometimes abrasive, and self-deprecating.

"Gosh, he was a barrel of laughs!" I remarked to hubby after. "Is he being funny or is he being serious?" I asked.

It's hard to say, replied hubby. He could just be humourous, or he could be saying something under all that humour.

That made me feel a little uneasy, not knowing for sure where I stood.


  1. :-)
    Have you watched "Crocodile Dundee" ? Loved that movie .

  2. a looooong time ago. Great idea, I'll revisit it, this time with a new perspective, haha!