Mar 30, 2012

On two states of nudity

Number Two made me laugh twice today, so I just have to write about it now.

In the first incident, I told him to find his pajamas and take a shower. he came back saying that he only found his pants.
"You go take a shower. It's ok, I'll look for the shirt. Put on your pants first," I said.
"No, mama!" he said, with much consternation. "We shower without clothes."
I laughed and said, "Yes, I meant put on your pants AFTER the shower."

In the second incident, he was re-telling a story of what happened during school.
"Mama, I was in the toilet. And two people open the door on me! So I closed the door and came out when I was finished. And I ran away where the people couldn't find me. Then Molly found me and I said to her, I need some paivatcy(privacy). Then I 'breath in, breath out' by myself and then I was ok. And I didn't even cry!"

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