Mar 29, 2012

The life of a soccer mom (and dad)

We signed up Number one and Two for soccer this year. Number one said he wanted to give it a try while hubby has been itching to sign Number two up for a while because he seems to display an affinity for the football.

We have since discovered this involves...

1) sitting at the field for hours on a cold (and in winter almost pitch dark) weekday evening. Unfortunately both Number One and Two's training times are 1.5 hours apart in the same day.

2) dashing around on a weekend morning. This Sunday we have two games on at the same time, in to different places. And we only have one car!

3) cutting up oranges. Apparently oranges are the fruit of soccer and every parent is rostered to bring cut oranges which the kids can dig into into half time.

We had our first trial game last week. The young kids were the cutest things. When the whistle blew they just took off as fast as their little legs could carry them and chased the ball with a lot of enthusiasm. The half time switch confused them though, and they landed several goals for their opponents. After two such goals, the referee(a parent) grouped them together and made one sweeping hand gesture and pointed to their goalpost on the opposite end. It was hilarious! There were some tears - when a kid was rotated out he cried because he wanted to play; one kid cried for some reason I could not make out. - but overall the kids had a good day.

I struggled to understand the instructions issued to the bigger kids - fullback? defender? formation? Apparently the big kids can get quite competitive once the season starts proper and Number One's teammates have been playing for years while he has just started. So I'm approaching all this with a sense of trepidation.

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