Mar 6, 2012

At night, camping

camp riverwood downs

What does one do at night at camp?

We make fire.

On the third rain, it drizzled all day. Yet our camp leader made fire in the rain! I was impressed.

Ambers are rather hypnotic. I spent many minutes just staring at the beautiful orange ambers glowing and flickering.

We broke out the glow sticks for the kids. Number One made this spider.

glow stick spider

And the most amazing thing about the night...on the clearest night, I saw more stars than I've ever seen. I had the Southern Cross pointed out to me, and I saw a constellation for the first time in my life.

This is just one small section of the sky. The orange bits are the smoke from the campfire. In the wilderness, as you gaze up into the sky, and your eyes slowly adjust, more and more stars become visible.

They are out there, above me every day, and I never knew they were there! I was blinded by the light pollution in the city, but out there, I saw the multitudes.

Yet even on the clearest night, in the dark of the wilderness, we still only saw a fraction of what is really out there. I pumped up the contrast on the picture, so the lesser stars would emerge more clearly. I stopped at a point, but in the process, I realised that if every star could be seen, the night sky would be a collection of white light, not one black mass.

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