Feb 29, 2012

Clarity of thought

Number Two keeps getting names wrong. He spent two terms calling his swim coach Mel, when her name was not Mel.. He calls insists on calling a teacher named Ms Saul by the name of Mrs Mac.

Since he is so loud and social and brimming with confidence, he regularly yells out the names when he sees the persons, which can be a tad embaressing.

So when he said at dinnertime, that Carmen is the name of James' (his classmate) sister, both Number One and I were a little dubious.

"Is she?"
"I dunno."

"Yes!" Number Two interrupts.
"I thought it in my mind," he says, gesturing to his head...
"And saw it with my eyes!" he declares with much conviction.


Yesterday, he took off his shirt because it was so hot. Then he said, "Look, I'm topless!"
"How do you know the word topless?" I ask.
"See, because I"m wearing pants," he says, gesturing to his pants, "but I'm not wearing a top, so I'm top--less!"


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