Jan 10, 2012

Who's the boss?

At a dinner a few months back, a friend asked Number Two, "Who is the boss in your family?"

"Mama," answered Number Two without hesitation.

Once he acknowledges something as a truth, it's not easy to get that thought out of Number Two's head.

He's been enthusiastically repeating the concept of "mama's the boss' in our family, although I must say the concept hasn't quite been so enthusiastically received by Number One or Hubs. I also occasionally explain to him that Papa is also a boss and he has to listen to Papa.

Number One is terribly annoyed whenever Number Two says "Mama is the boss!". This is usually because Number Two tries to take advantage of it. He's so charming when he tries to plead with me to command people to do things his way - and so full of confidence that the boss's word will be obeyed - that I can't help but give in sometimes.

When a friend visited recently, he explained the hierachy to her as he had worked out in his head.

"Mama and Papa as both the bosses, and Koko and I are both servants. Mama and Papa can order us around. But Mama is the boss of Papa, so she can also order him around, and order us around."

"Enough already," Number One said. "Mama is not the boss."

"Oh yes, she is," said Number Two. He turned to cause and effect to prove his theory.

"Mama, order Papa to do something!" he said, brimming with confidence.

Ah, how I love the absoluteness of his faith.

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