Jan 27, 2012

Sand dunes at Port Stephens

Since we didn't have much time in Port Stephens, we took a tour combo of Sand Dunes and Dolphin sighting. (Read the dolphin watching here)

Our second day at Port Stephens was a gloomy day but the rain co-operated brillantly. It held off until the end of our sand dunes tour, and then poured down a bit while we had our lunch, then went away just in time for our boating expedition.

I would say the sand dunes tour is a must for anyone visiting Port Stephens. Why miss the largest moving body of sand this side of the globe? I love tours where the guide provides some insightful and interesting information. This one was so well versed with his land, he could spot a sea eagle from a few hundred metres away.

sea eagle

Driving through the dunes renders a quite unusual feeling, knowing that the sea is on one side and houses on the other, of this massive body of sand. Sahara by the sea...

port stephens sand dunes

Footprints in the sand...

We were fascinated by this tin city. People actually live here! Got Foxtel antenna!

Port stephens tin city

What we didn't like much about the tour was the sand toboganning. A novel idea sure, but sand flying in your face at a hundred km an hour is not much fun. Give me ice anyday.

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