Jan 11, 2012

Finding kid-friendly beaches

I've learnt a bit about Aussie beaches over the last year. Firstly, I've learnt that googling 'best beach' means little because best has a multitude of meanings - best for swimming, boating, fishing, snorkelling, surfing or beach sports? In Malaysia, best just means clear, clean waters!

Best for surfing for example,makes the beaches unsuitable for my kids who aren't into surfing and are just learning how to swim. Kids aside, I have no love for beaches where the wind is trying to wrest everything away from me. I have had to try and look zen while I keep my hand on my hat lest the wind lift it away, anchor every corner of a beach towel lest I have to chase after it and have every strand of my hair defying gravity.

Enlightenment came to me while we were spending three days away at Port Stephens. We first visited Anna Bay, where the One Mile Beach lies, said to be one of the best beaches in Port Stephens. It certainly has some of the finest sand I've ever seen (the sort that just gets everywhere) but the winds are fierce. I saw people parasailing and keeping my hat on was mission impossible. Upon introspection, I find a brochure indicating what the beach is good for - surfing!

one mile beach anna bay port stephens

I spoke to a local who told me that it has good strong waves and winds because it faces the Pacific. Go to Shoal Bay, she recommended.So I've learnt that beaches that are sheltered in some way, or for a lagoon are good if we want to escape those wild winds. Shoal Bay is perfect, with calm, crystal clear waters in a sheltered bay.

shoal bay best beach for kids in port stephens

As good measure, we also visited two other bays, which are more for boating... - Nelson's Bay

port stephens nelson bay

and Soldier's Point...

port stephens soldiers point


  1. Hi, found your blog on my first night of googling 'living in Sydney'. Just had a super quick browse inside and love your shots! HOW do you take all these nice pictures?! Teach me! What sort of camera and equipment should I use?

  2. awww...thanks! Combine a good camera (I use a DSLR) and good light, and the pix will be good. For night shots or evening shots, where light is low, I use a tripod. That's all the equipment I have. :)

  3. i have a nikon d90 and it generally takes good shots even though I don't have any real photographic skills but it can't seem to take macro shots as good as my old canon ixus.. or maybe it's just me who doesn't know how to use all the fancy functions correctly! By the way, we have just moved to Miri but are already toying with the idea of our next destination.. somewhere in Aussieland, preferably Brisbane but Sydney could be the closest immediate possibility. Of course, with a family of plenty of little kids to drag along, we have to make sure that a new place will be able to meet with each of our basic needs to ensure everyone's happy! We are a mixed family so there are a lot of cultural and nutritional demands in between us - so finding that perfect place to live (for all of us) has always been a great issue. East meets west, we do need a place where we can get the best of both worlds, weather wise, food-wise and Australia may be able to accommodate our picky requirements.. Anyway, loads more to investigate as I've never stepped foot Down Under and I'm only getting these extraordinary hearsay renditions from hubby who's lived there before - he speaks the world of the country.. If you don't mind me asking silly questions about Sydney, I'd be thrilled if we could communicate via email.. Tell me what is the best way to pass you my email without the world seeing it here...!

  4. I have a D90 too! No, it doesn't do macro well, you have to get a macro lens for that. Email me at water.jetsets at gmail.com