Dec 12, 2011

Where the weather is all

Imagine if you can, days where there is not even a peep of blue in the sky, just a thick blanket of uniform grey as far as the eye can see. Sometimes you spy glimpses of the sun but its rays are overcome by a heavy fog. Every picture I take with this light turns out a sad, heavy image.

Then imagine if you can, good days, where the light casts everything in a divine glow and where wispy white clouds dot the baby blue sky. The words comes almost involuntarily: "What a beautiful day!"

The weather is everything in Sydney. When I have visitors, I pray for little more than them to have good skies, because a piece of Sydney is in those blues. A lot of Sydney activities are outdoors, and bad weather spoils months of planning. If you have something on, you watch the weather forecast and pray, knowing that the outcome could be joyous or a disaster and there is nothing you can do. A few weeks ago, on a gloomy, constantly drizzling day, we drove past a garden wedding where the bride and groom took pictures under an umbrella. I felt for them, knowing what beautiful sun-drenched pictures they could otherwise have had.

Our first Christmas Carols by Candlelight was dampened by the rain. Although the rain lifted just before activities were supposed to start, I suppose the squelchy, wet ground and the risk of further rain motivated the organisers to go to Plan B. There was supposed to be a children's concert but that was cancelled. The venue was moved indoors into a church.

Still it was a beautiful setup and venue and the singers were wonderful. I loved it best when the singers lowered their volumes and you could hear the crowd as one voice, sing those familiar carols. I waved my battery-operated candlelight with the 'O little town of Bethlehem', and raised the roof with 'Hark the Herald'. Then we headed out to watch fireworks light up the sky.

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