Dec 9, 2011

When more means less

Still on the theme of the one year anniversary...

Hubby and I were just observing how abundance doesn't make you happy. Indeed, as humans, we quickly get used to the new good fortunes, it becomes the norm, and then we need bigger, better and brighter things to make us happy. And the cycle goes on...

When we first arrived, Number One couldn't believe how a park was around every corner. I recall how he pleaded for us to stop at the park when we went shopping for a car.

"This just has a swing and a see-saw," I said.

But he didn't care so I relented. He and his brother spent 1 hour there, and I still had to drag them away. And everyday as we went about looking for a house, and a school, and our other chores, we stopped at a park, any park - they were all beautiful and fabulous and there.

Today, I can't interest him in a park even with intricate climbing playground equipment. They're boring, he says. While any playground made him happy, few now can satisfy.

Isn't it ironic how the more we get, the more deprived we are?

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