Dec 15, 2011

Thai fried rice, kerabu style

When we were dating, hubs and I would go to Sunway food court for lunch about once a week. There was this lovely thing called Thai Fried Rice, which was shrimp paste fried rice, with some sweet minced chicken and a mix of spices. I don't know if this is authentic Thai fried rice, because it looks suspiciously like Malay style 'nasi kerabu' (herbed rice salad) but then again, Thailand and Malaysia do share a border. Unfortunately the stall closed down and we could never find it again in that form. Don't you just hate that?

thai fried rice with shrimp paste

Since I could not find the dish anymore, I took to making it based on a blend of recipes I found. I stir shrimp paste (belacan) in water, drizzle it over the rice, (and then stir fry it with garlic if I'm feeling industrious otherwise I leave it).

Finely slice french beans or long beans or garlic chives.
Finely slice chillis and shallots.
Fry dried shrimps till crispy.
Fry a thin omelette and then slice.

Marinade minced pork in sweet soya sauce, fish sauce and dark soya sauce and stir fry.

Assemble and toss.

thaii fried rice with shrimp paste

Mmm, I just found Vietnamese mint today, which smells and looks like a larger version of daun kesum. (Google says kesum is actually Vietnamese coriander) If only I could get my hands on some bunga kantan, I'll be on my way to nasi kerabu, the most fragrant rice salad on the face of this earth. Here's apix

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