Nov 17, 2011

Wasabi leaves

This year, (thanks to an addition to Masterchef) we tried a few root veges new to us - celeriac, swedes and parsnips.  They are nice, but the kids didn't really go for them, and we have ended up defaulting to the reliable potatoes.

Recently, I have a new find - Wasabi leaves. Thus far, I've only eaten Wasabi as a paste, with sushi. I like to put enough to produce those nasal-stimulating vapours but not so much that I shart to wheeze and turn red at the ears.

The leaves have the same distinctive flavour though much milder. I like to munch on them just like that.

wasabi salad leaves

I also added them to salads. Mangos are going cheap lately, (or rather cheap-er, it's all a seasonal thing) and so we bought a few. I tossed some wasabi leaves and salad leaves in with mango slices, cashews, onions, herbs(mint) and chillis. Sauce consisted of some leftover ngiom sauce I had (fish sauce, sugar, vinegar) and a dash of sweet chilli (I used Lingams). Some slices of rare beef would also have done well for a non-vegetarian option.

thai beef mango salad

Spicy? Check.
Sweet? Check.
Sour? Check.
Salty? Check.
Fragrant? Check.
Crunchy? Check.
Soft? Check

Mmm. just the way I like it.

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  1. Hi
    Where do you buy your wasabi leaves from in Sydney.. Ive been searching..