Nov 21, 2011

Ugh, spiders!

I know the spiders have been around here, like, a million years before me. I appreciate that they contribute to the eco balance in their own unique way. But I still hate them.

I hate them indoors. I live in a unit several floors up and yet, they invade the home.

I hate them springing down on me from my ceiling just like the spider which scared off Ms Muffet.

I hate them weaving their webs around my intray, shelves and anything that has not moved in a day.

And I hate them outdoors. I hate passing by them and having to duck underneath them on the sidewalk.

Let me introduce you to the four that greet me everyday when I enter the apartments.

I think they are yellow banded garden spiders.


  1. I think they're St Andrews Cross spiders - the friendliest and nicest of them all! You're very honoured up there. If you lived down at ground level, you'd be getting visits from those deadly Sydney funnelwebs!

  2. Thanks, was trying to ID them! They are at ground level, among the shrubs just after the entrance gates.

    *faints* I long for a backyard, but hubby insists I don't have the stomach for one.

  3. I found a giant wolf spider in my car ....

  4. (shudder) I've seen videos online of people finding huge spiders in their cars.