Nov 18, 2011

Two homes in different continents

Number One is a bit like still waters - it's not obvious and he doesn't show much but he runs deep. He was in a talkative mood and let out some feelings tonight.

We talked about his former babysitter, and he said, "I miss her."

"I miss Malaysia," he says, a little teary-eyed. "I miss my family. I miss Opa, Aunty Jennifer, Oom David, Ah Ku..."

"I miss my friends," he added.

It had seemed on the surface, that he was having too good a time to think about these things. I told him he could see his family every day when we went back for a break, and that I could try to contact his friends for him.

"But here's the question - would my friends remember me?" Being erased from someone's memory seems painful to him, especially when he still held them close to heart.

It happens when you are the one to move away. I moved several times when I was a kid, and as someone in a new place, you always think fondly of the old place, even though the people eventually move on.

Because I've moved around so much, it's always been heart-wrenching when I've had to pull Number One out of a familiar environment - even when I had to simply because he was going to school.

So I tell him as best as I can, that that's life, that even grown-ups sometimes lose touch with friends when they change places.

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  1. schweeet!

    Don't worry, everyone from his other home here miss him very very much. Opa, Oom David, Auntie Jennifer and Auntie Beth miss all of you very much.

    Tell Joel that every night at dinner, there are always a mention of Joel or Shane :)

    Joel is most welcome to email me or Opa as and when he like, we would be very happy to be his pen-pal :)

    Take care and big hugs for everyone there.