Nov 29, 2011


“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” - Eric Hoffer (American Writer)

It's always too easy to take things for granted once you have them. On our one year anniversary of being here, I was contemplating the simple things we were grateful for last year:

We needed to find a place to rent before our housing allowance of two weeks gave out. We did. We found a place we liked in our first round of housing inspections, and we applied for the place successfully despite having no credit or rental history, and not offering any advance on the rent.

We lived in a virtually empty unit for 3 weeks and desperately wanted our stuff to arrive before Christmas. It did.

We needed to get a place at the school for Number One, although enrolments were already done with when we arrived. We looked for a place and a school simultaneously on faith that both would work out somehow. It did.

We were afraid that Christmas would be a quiet affair, especially for the kids, since we didn't know anyone (nope, not a soul) here. But our Christmas was bathed in the warmth and kindness of strangers, as we were welcomed into houses of people we had never met. We ate dinner with good company in the glow of Christmas lights and our kids exchanged presents with other kids and were happy. Few things have amazed me more.

One year on, we still have a place to stay, we have our stuff (and *ahem* some other accumulated stuff), our kids are doing well and we are celebrating Christmas with newfound friends. We're counting our blessings one by one.

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