Nov 20, 2011

The pitch

Two weeks ago I was making pork satay, one of Number Two's favourites. Hubs barbeques them and the sticks go fresh from the pit to the plate. Number Two wants to eat them but I tell him to wait for our guests.

Half an hour later, I say, "Ok this one doesn't look very nice, let's eat this up."

"Oooh yes, let's," says Number Two. I share the stick with him and he goes away happy.

Five minutes later he comes back.

"Are there any more that are not nice?" he asks hopefully. "I can help you eat them."

I laugh and say no.

But he continues to ask earnestly :"Are you sure? Let's go look."

"Nah," I reply. "I just wanted to try that one to see how it tastes."

Fast forward to today, when I am making yet another batch of satay. The boys scurry about helping Papa with the resources, getting the fire started and getting plates.

Number Two says, recalling past success, says "Are there any you want to try? Maybe they don't look nice?"

I laugh, and knowing where this going, say, "Ok here's your reward for your hard work." And he gets one so goes away happy.

Two minutes later he's back.

"Mama, I helped papa get the stuff. Does that deserve a reward?"

"Hmm, ok, I think it does," I reply, handing him another stick.

Two minutes later, he's back yet again.

"Mama, I took the sticks in. Does that deserve a reward?"

Thinking he's had enough appetisers for now, I say no.

He pauses for 3 seconds to think.

"Mama, I sat with papa while he was cooking to keep him company. Does that deserve a reward?"

Realising that he's going to make repeated proposals till I find one act deserving, I capitulate and say, "Alright, here is one last one."

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