Nov 28, 2011

Our favourite Moscato (so far)

Earlier this year, I met up with a visiting friend from Malaysia.

"Do you drink?" she asked.

"No, not really," I replied.

"That's such a shame," she exclaimed. "Alcohol is so cheap here!"

It is cheap. In Malaysia, sin taxes and the poorer currency make alcohol incredibly expensive. Prices of a bottle of wine starts at around RM30. Here, you can buy a bottle of wine for less than you'd pay for a meal for one at the food court.

So why not reap the advantages? Hubby and I both can't take the very dry, tannin rich wines and prefer the sweet varieties. We've since developed a love for Moscato, that wine that isn't really wine. It's fresh, sweetly fragrant and low in alcohol (5.5%), a combination that makes it extremely easy to drink.

We've tried Moscatos that range from A$3.99 (Gossip Lips)to A$18.99(Brown Brothers) per bottle, with most purchases below $10 a bottle. We've tried colours from clear to red, pink and orange (I simply had to pick up Brown Brother's Orange Muscat because of the beautiful sheer gold colour!) and those that are more bubbly and less. We've discovered that our taste buds aren't really price sensitive (yay!) and we are equally happy, and sometimes happier with the cheaper bottles. We don't like too much bubbles and like it sweet but not cloyingly so.

After about 15 or so different labels (Gossip Lips, Aspen Estate, Jacob's Creek, Brown Brothers, Adina, Bankrock Station, Long Flat, Beelgara, Rock Paper Scissors, Evans & Tate, etc) we've found a winner. The Clear Skins Moscato - I think it was $9 for the bottle.

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