Nov 2, 2011

Of salted gula melaka ice cream and addiction to adrenaline

I've said before that I've worked all my life. When I left high school, I tutored part-time to get pocket money. Most of my degree studies were done while I was working full-time. I never took breaks in between jobs, preferring to pocket any leave pay and move on to the next job. With my second kid, I was working (answering emails and IMs) on the third day after his birth.

I read this article on addiction to stress many years ago, and thought it made sense for a lot of people, in some ways, me included. A year after having quit my job, it still applies in many ways.

"the withdrawal of stress can be similar to withdrawing from steroids"

"..people seem to get so addicted to the adrenaline rush from stress that they ...keep piling on new challenges; some subconsciously push deadlines and complicate projects, creating stress unnecessarily"

I do that, force myself to work under tight deadlines for my freelance jobs. I can only think under pressure!

I take on more projects than I really should.

I'm driven to break down a lot of things, primarily food, and often keep at it till I get it right. Last week's project (and one that will be ongoing for a while) was ondeh ondeh.
ondeh ondeh

This week's is salted gula melaka ice cream...

salted gula melaka ice cream

(incidentally both contain gula melaka, one of my favourite substances)

I am on two school task committees, and part of 6 ministries at church.

And of course, all this on top of the need to run the house, the kids and their activities, write this blog, and read my pile of books from the library.

Do I hear someone say it's time to go back to work?

Nah, I'm enjoying my life of leisure too much.

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