Nov 15, 2011

It's raining ash...

The weather has been really weird and erratic but you can say that of almost any country anywhere these days. Today, weird weather hit a new high for me.

I walked out of my apartment, and the air smelled of smoke and the sky was grey in colour.

"What's this?" I said.

"Maybe someone doing a barbeque?" said Number Two.

"It would have to be one huge bbq," I replied.

I stood mesmerised as bits of ash floated around me. Scenes of armageddon flashed through my mind. No fire was in sight. For a fire to send that much smoke up in the air and not be anywhere nearby, it had to be one big fire, I thought.

I wondered if I should pack.

But everyone else was calm so I made my way to school.

Five minutes later, I had an alkaline taste on my tongue. It's still there.

Turns out it's the start of a week of controlled burning - where they burn forests to avoid forest fires.

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