Nov 5, 2011


Number Two has always struck me as being fearless. He picks up caterpillars by the hand without hesitation, doesn't mind making mistakes, he embraces new people and activities with gusto and shy isn't in his vocab. This year, he picked up being afraid of the dark for some reason - this saddenned me a tad because although it's perfectly normal, it's the first thing I remember him being afraid of.

Anyway, he impressed a lady today, a complete stranger. Apparently, they were waiting for their turn for a haircut (I wasn't there), and he chatted with her quite a bit (to put this in context, she is more than 10 times his age). When I met her later, she gushed about Number Two.

"Your son is so...entertaining!" she says.

"Ah yes," I say. "He's always been like that. Loves to talk."

"Not just talk, he says the right things," she continues. "I asked him if he likes having a haircut, and he said, yes, because it's so relaxing!"

At church today, when they called kids up for children's liturgy, Number Two was the first to present himself before the priest. As part of the ritual, the priest presents The Book to Number Two.

But he has a problem, and confesses to the priest, who bends down to hear him :

"I can't read."

I was just so tickled. Needless to say, the priest assures him it's perfectly ok and asks him to take to the catechist.

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