Nov 3, 2011

Everybody's friend

Number Two is such a social butterfly.

Number One is irked by the fact that Number Two deems Number One's friends, his friends too. Probably by virtue of the fact that he regularly sees them at birthday parties, when we pick Number One up from school, etc...

Yesterday, Number One saw his classmate at basketball. He yells out a "Hi Dom!" and Number Two echoes along, "Hi Dom!"

Number One, irked, says, "Don't do that, he's not your friend," but Number Two says, "Yes, he is!" Number Two proceeds to yell and wave at every of Number One's friends, calling them by their nicks as if they are his best buds. Number One is so annoyed.

I'm starting to get what Number One feels like. When I meet other moms, before I can say hi, Number Two beats me to it. He high-fives them, and exchanges more words than I can get in. Ah, to live in the shadow of a sanguine.

Today, we went to the playzone for a play. After two hours, I get him out and he waves to his newfound friend, a girl about 5 years of age.

"Bye," he says. "I'm going to invite you to my birthday party!"

I gasp. "Don't promise that," I whisper as I lead him away. "You don't know her."

"Yes, I do," he pipes up. "She is Madeline. She told me her name."

He so needs to go to school. We both can't wait.

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