Nov 13, 2011

The circle of life

It's about a year since we arrived, and I see a loop. There is a counter which tells me a year has passed, even if I had no calendar or concept of dates.

The heat is back.

The purple trees are back. I looked at them with awe when I first arrived. Excuse the pix of the one I spied from my balcony, they are simply big wide trees filled with little else but purple flowers. Every road has a yard with one. When the flowers fall, they create a blanket of purple on the pathways.


The long days are back. The sun shines in through the window much too early in the morning, and stays around till almost 8pm.

The setting sun in all its glorious colours is back. It colours were tamed in winter and it had moved away from its regular spot. Now I am again, gasping and running for my camera, much as I did around this time a year ago.

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