Oct 17, 2011

Water-themed playground at Darling Harbour

On Sunday, we decided to head to the city's spanking new playground at Darling Quarter.

The play area itself isn't that big but it's jammed packed with stuff. The water play area has a mini river system, dam gates, pumps, sluices and an Archimedes screw.

Darling Quarter play area

You can climb to your hearts' content with flying foxes, slides, nets, swings, balancing ropes...

Darling Quarter play area

There is a sandpit area complete with excavators.

Darling Quarter playground

Number Two loved the water jets best...

He played the 'leap through a spray of water without getting wet' challenge

Darling Quarter water park

...'dam up the water hole so it can't spray out and wet you' challenge

Darling Harbour water park

...the 'see if you can hold your head in the direct path of a jet of water without getting it wet' challenge

Darling Quarter play area

All challenges are, of course, designed to get one thoroughly wet.

ps: Note for parents: bring spare clothes. Please note that it isn't enclosed thus you do need to keep an eye out on the young ones because it's so easy to keep wandering in wonderland. It was super packed on a Sunday and the kids easily blended in with the crowd of little bodies in all of two seconds. I did witness the reunion of a lost girl with a hysterical mother.

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