Oct 19, 2011

Volcano Ramen at Ajisen Ramen, Chinatown


My old lunch and shopping buddy will attest to this - whenever we were in 1Utama shopping mall, I always dragged her to Ajisen Ramen for lunch. She was probably a little relieved when the place closed down.

I love the milky stock, the noodles with that little bit of bite in it, and I love love love the volcano. For the uninitiated, the volcano is a chill paste with some very tender stewed beef (I think) in it.

After the play at Darling Harbour, we decided to walk over to Chinatown for dinner. I had spotted Ajisen Ramen there before and successfully dragged Hubs there. It was good, but I was admittedly a tad dissapointed. It lacked a more full bodied stock, and the chilli paste lacked that punch. Plus it was a pitiful amount of volcano -  I kid you not, witness what the Volcano Ramen I know looks like.

No doubt adjusted to accomodate 'local taste' buds.

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