Oct 24, 2011

The truth fairy

Number One is conflicted. He wants to believe in the magic of a fairy who comes to collect teeth that fall out, but his maturing mind cannot accept that fairies exist.

His front tooth came out yesterday. He wasn't too upset about it because losing a tooth comes with financial benefits!

"Will the tooth fairy come?" he wonders, as he lies down to bed.

"You've got to keep it under your pillow so that the fairy can find it," I say.

"Or...is it so that parents," (he throws a meaningful side glance at me) know where it is?"

He's been suspecting for a while that there is no such thing as a tooth fairy. Hubs and I keep mum and non-committal. I grin foolishly because I'm the poorest person at keeping a straight face when there's a lie about.

I don't know where he hid it, but the 'tooth fairy' found no tooth under his pillow last night. I am woken up by Number One thrusting a small white object in my face. "What's that?" I mumble, because my eyes are still trying to focus.

"It's my tooth!" he exclaims.

"Well, maybe the tooth fairy was on leave," I say. "Try again tonight."

He apparently puts it back under his pillow, because half an hour later, Hubs asks him, "So, did the tooth fairy come?"

"No," he replies.

"Where did you put it?" ask Hubs.

"Under my pillow," comes the reply.

"Are you sure?" asks Hubs.

"Yes, of course, it's there now," says Number One.

"Really? You better check just to make sure."

Number One dutifully walks to the room to look under his pillow. Then a second later, he comes dashing out holding a note.

"Oh, oh, look what I found!" he says. "But..but...how?". The he adds, "And isn't the tooth fairy supposed to come at night?"

He continues to marvel at the note. I know he wants to query me further but I avoid him since I'm hopeless at keeping a straight face. And his belief is so amusing, I don't want to break the bubble just yet. I think he's willing to keep guessing for a while longer too...especially since he appreciates the financial benefits!

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