Oct 17, 2011

Springing back

Had an epiphany while looking at my chilli plant.

The noun 'spring' as in that object that is resilient to stress, returning rapidly to its normal state after being pushed down, and  the verb' spring' as in to arise, is the same as 'spring', the period between winter and summer.

My chilli plant had bloomed and delivered fruit over summer and autumn, but it shrivelled up to a sad sight over winter. (This is now first time gardening in a four season country and I was unprepared for everything.) The plant was left with only the main stem and some withered, deformed branches. I thought it was dead, and had meant to uproot it and clear out the pot, but had just been too lazy to get around to it. After a few weeks of spring, look at it now, all ready to flower :

I also found seedlings growing in an area that was bare for months. At the end of autumn, I had uprooted all the cherry tomato plants there, and cleared out the area, because I decided that there wasn't enough space to grow tomatoes. However, some seeds lay dormant over the winter, and decided to sprout in spring.

It reminded me of a conversation I just had with a person who went through a traumatic period. People are built to bounce back, I said, if only you give yourself a chance. It also reminds me that one should not underestimate the weak and the ugly - with a little love, they may just yet spring forth and bear fruit!

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