Oct 16, 2011

Prayers for my cooking

My boys regularly pray about their food.

It started with Number One's : "Dear God, thank you for making mama such a good cook."

For which I was pleased.

Then it morphed to, "Dear God, please help make mama a good cook." Day after day for weeks, there were prayers for God to help improve my cooking.

Which I didn't mind that much, since one will take all the help one can get.

One day, hubby asked the kids, "Why does mama's cooking need so many prayers? Is her cooking that bad?" The kids hemmed and hawed and tip-toed their way through their explanations.

So Number Two modified it, and his prayer now goes :

"Dear God, please help make mama an excellent cooker. She is already an excellent cooker but help make her an even more excellent cooker."

That'll do, babe, that'll do.

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