Oct 24, 2011

More cake pops

My experiments in moments of sheer boredom and part insanity...

Lollipops cake pops...

lollipop cake pops

Ice cream cake pops.. This was interesting, watching ice cream that never melts! I kept the cones in a ziploc bag to avoid them going soft, and they stayed crunchy the next day. Number One loved it, but I couldn't wrap my head around the idea. It was weird, the visual illusion - it looked exactly like ice cream and you expect the taste, consistency, temperature of ice cream - but when one bites into it, it tastes like cake with chocolate!  My brain short-circuited.

ice cream cake pops

Super hero cake pops - asked Number One and Two who they'd like, and they said Spiderman and Iron Man. Luckily they didn't ask for Superman or Storm or the Beast eh!

spiderman cake pops

iron man cake pops

And more Mario Bros!

mario toad mushroom goomba cake pops

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