Oct 10, 2011

Malaysian food festival at Grace Hotel

We had a food-filled weekend, which is normally not a strange thing for Malaysians, but was an anomaly for us here.

It started with the Malaysian Food Festival at Grace Hotel. A Malaysian buffet, with Pasembur and ice kacang, and kerabu salad and rendang, and kuih and....

malaysian food festival buffet Grace Hotel Sydney

(Yes, I ate all that, and more)

It is however, to be frank about it, a poor representation of Malaysian food (sorry Grace, erm good service though!)

Ulam that didn't have the herbs.

Roti canai that came out of the packet.

Satay that wasn't seasoned well or grilled, and with chunks of meat that were simply too big.

Fried Noodles that were labelled Fried Kuey Teow.

Pasembur that got the floury fried bit totally wrong.

Salads and acar that were cut too clumsily.

Ice kacang with not fine enough ice shavings, and the wrong type of kacang and jelly (they used Jello! what a sacrilage)

Pisang goreng with batter that wasn't crispy and slightly underripe bananas.

Shall I go on? (I repeat, yes, I ate all that)

Two things stood out for me - the beef rendang, and the assam laksa.

Chefs from Federal Hotel were apparently flown in for this. Well, as I said to a friend, the best place for Malaysian food is never in the hotels anyway - they tend to do Western better than they do Malaysian.

Still, it was a good day. Food is also about great company and having a good time! The kids loved it, and were taken aback by the idea that they could keep going back for food, and we weren't stopping them but encouraging them.

ps: my pix look crummy because it was taken with the iPhone in low lighting. But really, they didn't look that much better live. For what Malaysian food should really look like, check out this collection of photos

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