Oct 27, 2011

Best recipe for Ipoh hor fun noodles

Another former lunchtime favourite. The soup is so sweet and fragrant, I always drink up every last drop. You can also order a dish of oyster sauce smothered steamed chicken or prawn wan ton soup to go with it.

I haven't eaten it here, but I found a great recipe for Ipoh kai si hor fun here. Muahs to the food blogger!

Unfortunatly I didn't have the Ipoh hor fun noodles to use, so I substituted with Kuey Teow, which is fat and ungainly compared to the slippery and delicate Ipoh hor fun. A plus in Australia though, is that the prawns are big, fresh and cheap! The prawns I used here are 3 times the size of the usual ones.

After cooking this, I realised why the hawkers were always stingy with the soup. The stock has to be thick to be tasty and so becomes very precious!

Prawns; chicken carcass; pork bones; chicken drumstick; rice noodles; chives; shallots; white peppercorn; salt

Cook prawns in boiling water and drain in cold running water to stop its cooking. Insert drumsticks, chicken carcass, pork bones and boil for stock. Remove shells from prawns, and slice prawns lengthwise into halves. Simmer prawn head in oil until heads are slightly crispy. Assemble with chives, rice noodles (warmed in boiling water) slivers of chicken drumstick meat and prawns.  Garnish noodles with diced shallots, a tablespoon of the prawn flavoured oil

For more details, please visit the link above.

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