Sep 28, 2011

Spring beckons - Hornsby Shire Festival

I was pottering about in my garden the other day, the first time in about three months, when it occured to me I was just like a squirrel which had decided it was warm enough to poke my head out of my den. During winter, we had hardly ventured out. Now in spring, you see a little growing hum of activity - folks emerging from their mini hibernations, trimming bushes and barbequing when the weather permits.

I guess that's why there are a lot of fairs in spring - we now see banners everywhere for spring fairs - it's a celebration of comng out. In mid September, we visited the Hornsby Shire Bushland Festival, held once a year.

Hornsby Shire Festival

It's free but for a $5 donation for parking.

There are a number of craft stalls up. But there are also some sponsored stalls where you can pickup some freebies. Helium balloons were being given out. We lost count of the number we saw go up, up and away (at least 30).

Hornsby Shire Festival

There's free entertainment for kids and adults - this is a Extreme Karate Kid show (apparently there were on Australia's Got Talent). The youngest and eldest are quite amazing.

We also bought food and sat on the grass eating our lunch and listening to the next singer, who was also very good. She had a beautiful raspy voice, and sang armed with nothing but a guitar and a harmonica.

Talking about food - look at the size of that cotton candy!

Hornsby Shire Festival huge cotton candy

There are rides (bouncy castles, slides, merry-go-rounds) for the kids at the price of $5 each ride, and other activities like plaster craft and pony rides.

Hornsby Shire Festival pony ride

One free activity was a circus tent, where the boys got to try out their stilt walking, juggling and balancing abilities.

And there was a scarecrow competition. My, scarecrows have evolved!

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

For $4, we got to make our own little scarecrows. Yes, we, because hubby got me one! It was a bit embaressing lining up with kids no older than Number One...

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

You first draw your scarecrow's face, pick its clothes, and then line up to have it stuffed for you.

This is Number One's - he wanted to make it the scariest of the lot.

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

The green one is Number Two's - I said his scarecrow was scariest because it didn't have a face! (We let him have his own go at drawing the face, which resulted in a few misplaced jiggly lines) The lady who was stuffing his had to make an educated guess as to where the front was.

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

We went back and stuck them in the garden. Here mine sits, guarding my.. err.. petunias.

Hornsby Shire Festival scarecrow

As hubby's signoff says, "Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!"

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