Sep 11, 2011

Saying 'hot' and meaning it

Yesterday was the second Saturday of the month and the right day to visit the Castle Hill Growers and Fine Foods market. I love browsing in fine food markets - the wholesome air, the lack of artificial preservatives, the love that goes into 'homemade' and unmass-produced food, is simply inspiring. Unfortunately, I don't buy many things, because my pockets aren't deep enough! But wandering through the markets itself is a feast for the eyes - the aromas, the pretty cakes, the beautiful jars in which the gourmet sauces are bottled, the flowers on sale...

Pricey or not, when I find Malaysian wares on sale, I dig deep. I bought two bottles of sauces at $15 a bottle - authentic-tasting (though a bit watery if used as a dip) satay sauce and...

Yasmin's Flaming Hot Chilli Jam.

fine foods chilli jam

Ok so, this isn't a typical Malaysian sauce...but it really satisfied my chilli cravings. What is usually termed as 'spicy' here, doesn't deserve that label.

Now this, this was really hot. Just half a teaspoon had me tearing up and gasping, and my lips continue being seared a full 5 minutes after ... heaven!

yasmin flaming hot chilli jam

We were having steak and salad that night. First, I used it as a condiment for my steak. Wonderful! Since that worked well, I also added it to my Caesar's salad. Not bad...

I have had to put it out of my sight or I'd really be tempted to put it into everything and would blow through that bottle in a hurry. If I dig that deep into my pockets, I'm going to poke a hole in them.

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