Sep 5, 2011

Of cakepops and cupcakes

I've been having an illegal amount of fun the past few days.
Firstly, I tried my hand at cake pops. In the process, I :

1) covered myself in chocolate
2) discovered the challenges of decorating a spherical object
3) proved Newton's theory of gravity applies very much to round cake patties sitting precariously on the end of a thin lollipop stick

This is my best one. The rest were lopsided and lumpy and shaped like pumpkins. Some fell apart, were hastily prodded back together and held barely there by the bits of chocolate that weaved through the disparate pieces - rather like the Frakenstein of cake pops.

To give myself a happy ending, I decided to go back to decorating a flat surface.

cupcake coco pops

I have this lovely aerosol can which sprays beautiful shaped icing.
cupcake icing

I have vials of natural colouring, and mixed a bit of red with the white icing to get this lovely pastel pink icing. Made me go "awwwww..."

cupcake gummi bear

I mixed in some yellow to that, and got a lovely pastel orange, which also made me go "awwww."

Natural colouring isn't as strong as artificial colouring, and the result is a lovely subtle colour, and not the psychedelic hues of artificial colours. This is yellow with a tinge of lime green.

cupcake nerds

cupcake sprinkles

The downside (or upside, depending on how you view it) to all this fun is of course, that I had to eat the product to test its suitability for other members of the population. Woe is waistline!

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