Sep 18, 2011

Number One's Ben 10 birthday party

I've been swamped the whole week preparing for this.

This party is a first for Number One where where he invites friends. His other parties were usually celebrated with family and a small cake cutting at the kindy/daycare. It's also his first in Australia.

It's my first where I planned a party and didn't have to juggle a full-time job, so I had a bit of fun with it too!

Number One wanted a Ben 10 party so we went with the green and black theme.

A friend made the cake (I helped)! Fabulous, isn't it? I stared at it for a few hours every day and took a hundred photos. I had a heartache cutting it up.

Ben 10 birthday cake omnitrix cake

We brought along the kids' Ben 10 toys and they served a dual purpose. They colour coordinated with the jelly..and the boys also played with them.

Ben 10 birthday party

Ben 10 birthday party

Ben 10 birthday party

Ben 10 birthday party

Ben 10 birthday party

We had finger food - quite literally...

Ben 10 birthday party

 I picked cheezels because I thought the orange would pop out against the green.

Ben 10 birthday party

There were also pretzels...which were apparently so good Stinkfly attempted to fly away with them.

Ben 10 birthday party stinkfly

and the rage of the moment in our household...cake pops!

Ben 10 cake pops

green and white cake pops

green and white M&M cake pops

Did the kids like the party? Yes, there were a few 'awesomes!' here and there from the boys upon seeing the cake. The gals were the sweetest with the compliments, appreciating the finer detail the way only girls can.

But my best compliment came at night.

"Mama, this was the best day ever! I can't thank you enough. I just can't find the words."

Paid in full.


  1. Wow, these things look quite delicious. :)

  2. Great idea. At least I found something for my kid's birthday next month.

    Thanks :)

  3. can you tell me what you make the cake pops with?

  4. grey fondant, black edible ink and green chocolate coating