Sep 30, 2011

Mario cake pops

mario cake pops gumba toad

I'd call making cake pops my hobby except that it wouldn't be accurate.

An online dictionary defines hobby as

a) an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure
b) a small pony

Neither qualify. since I don't have the leisure time but make them anyway! (Swear I'll feed the kids sometime this week)

The kids loved it but were obsessed with the fact that the box with the question mark should be yellow and not brown. They insisted on loading Super Mario Bros on the Wii so they could prove how not brown it is. Number One ate the offending error first so it could no longer taint the group. None of it mattered anyway because the group was quickly consumed shortly after!

I am loving cake pops because
a) there is no baking. The word cake is really a bit of a misnomer for this. It's more of a truffle pop.
b) it's like working with playdoh. I really had a deprived childhood
c) you get to paint and colour. It's amazing how pleasurable it is to watch something white turn pink! (did I mention deprived childhood?)

Working with chocolate is messy, though, and it's annoying how a few degrees in temp changes the whole consistency. I was really tempted to Photoshop the imperfections in this as I was uploading the pix.

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