Sep 20, 2011

Make up your own...

Number Two has buckets of confidence. He is so confident, he makes up his own jokes.

He has heard jokes from Number One and friends, so he wants to try his hand at telling them. Number One sometimes makes up his own jokes and tests them out on us. Since Number Two mimics Number One, he makes up his own jokes too although he doesn't get the nuances, and simply patches together what he has heard. This is a sample of what we end up with :

I sneezed and that seemed to inspire him.

He turns to papa and says "Knock knock."

"Who's there?" says Papa.

"Bless you," he says.

"Bless you who," says papa, going along.

"Bless you who is going to boo ticky tick!" says Number Two with fanfare and a flourish.

I laugh as I always do because it's so hilariously weird.

Number Two asks, as he often does, "Was that funny?"

Papa says, "No, that wasn't."

"Mama laughed..." he retorts, with a 'you simply don't get the joke' look directed at Papa.

Number Two also makes up languages. We sometimes speak in Bahasa when we don't want the kids to understand what we say. So Number Two decides he wants a language no one - not even he - understands!

This is a sample:

"Nika pika tutu."

Speaking of languages, one of our biggest regrets is Number One's regression in terms of his Mandarin. A year ago, he could speak quite fluently. Today, he has forgotten even the most basic of words! (doesn't help that we don't speak it)

Today, his father called for him, yelling in his most basic Mandarin : "Ni zhuo se mo?"

Number One runs and yells, "Wo coming!"

Sigh. That's thousands of ringgit in Mandarin lessons poured down the proverbial drain.

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