Sep 4, 2011

Heritage craft fair at St Ives

Since I'm terribly disorganised, I wanted to go shopping for a Father's day gift on Father's Day. So we spent the day at the Heritage Craft Fair at St Ives showground. (Entrance is free but there's a $5 fee for parking.)
Wares include glass art, candles, wood products, bags, clothes and tons of trinkets...

heritage craft fair st ives

heritage craft fair st ives

peru heritage craft fair st ives

and food products

Every fair hosts some pretty good live musicians and singers. We sat down for lunch and soaked up the good music and beautiful weather. An open ground is nearby so a picnic blanket would also have done nicely.

I was dissapointed that a lot of the children's activities they touted on the website (like face painting and bouncy castles) were nowhere in sight.

Number One and Two went for a led pony ride at $6 a ride...

heritage craft fair st ives

And they also had some fun with plaster craft. You just pick a plaster shape (they are around $10 to $20, depending on the size and shape), and the paints are provided.

This is Number Two at his Rainbow Buzz Lightyear...
heritage craft fair st ives

And Number One's meticulously painted plane...

plaster craft fair st ives

The boys got little wooden tops, I picked up some fragrance melts and Hubs bought a pack of garlic jerky.

And not forgetting the objective of the trip, I got a wood crafted pen for Hubs.

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